The Story of Brevité.co

Increasing your customers doesn't need to be complex. Learn how we rebuilt and optimized Brevité's new site to maximize their return.

Ecommerce web development case study

Brevité (pronounced Brevity) was founded by three brothers from Boston who set out to create a better camera bag for the modern explorer. A bag that balanced function and style for the nomadic photographer, without compromising the highest-quality materials.

“We made this for you. For every creative mind that wants to go the distance. To allow you to go beyond, to dream beyond, and to live beyond anything you thought possible. Beauty surrounds us from the thin mountain air we breathe to the flickering of the cosmos that paints the sky. Go explore.”

Why Inter?

When Brevité first got in touch with Inter, we couldn’t have been more excited to hear that they were interested in pursuing a new website. Having spent the past year on Squarespace, they were frustrated with the lack of flexibility with e-commerce features and were ready to move on to WordPress and the popular Woocommerce platform.

Website Development

Aside from their simple, yet stylish design, Brevité bags are unique because they offer a modular camera insert. This insert can be used across every bag, and removed within seconds for those looking to transfer shells or use it as a normal bag. Our goal was to showcase this feature on the website as their USP, without jeopardizing the nomadic lifestyle appeal of their brand.

“So we started brainstorming…”

The site was built on WordPress utilizing Woocommerce to power their online sales. The flexibility that Woocommerce offers allowed us to implement features that weren’t previously available with Squarespace, such as abandoned cart emails, coupons, and conditional shipping logic for international purchases. The end result was stunning (or at least we think so) and launched just in time for their holiday promotions.

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Brevite Website

Traffic Generation

When Brevité first approached us, the majority of their organic traffic was coming from branded search terms like “Brevité camera backpacks”. In other words, the majority of people finding their website already knew about their company. Our goal for the SEO foundation was to help them start to rank for the non-branded search terms that would bring them more qualified traffic from people who had never heard of them before.

We decided to pursue our SEO foundation package, which is an on-page foundational effort to structure optimize the website for search engines. Starting with our keyword strategy, we began exploring search terms that would be most valuable to their business. After analyzing thousands of relevant terms, we identified the high-value target keywords that would drive the most qualified traffic. From there, we structured their site around those high-value search terms, improved their site speed, and made it easier for search engines to understand the contents of their site.

Mobile Website Development

The Results

Through our Traffic Generation Foundation, we helped Brevité to start ranking in search engines for high-value search terms such as “modern camera bag”, “student camera backpack”, and “modern photography blog”, which has brought a 128% increase in organic traffic over 2 months, accounting for 47% of total sales since we implemented our audit suggestions.

Brevite Traffic Generation Keyword Ranking

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The Story of Brevité.co